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Eyes of the Demon is currently recruiting all classes for open PvP and some closed PvP such as arenas or closed group premades.
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Welcome to the all new Eyes of the Demon Website!
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No News?

quadpod88, Nov 17, 10 4:09 PM.
Last headline from over a month ago, is there really nothing going on?  This needs to be updated!

upcoming raid

summer725, Oct 11, 10 4:39 AM.
we r scheduling raids for saturday the 16th we will have 2 one at noon and the other at 7pm i will give more info when i get it k

Upcoming Events

summer725, Oct 9, 10 6:07 AM.
Please remember the upcoming dungeon nite on the 9th at 8pm if u would like to join in meet at crossroads we will then be able to put together dungeons to fit ur lvls and ability to the best of our ability Also we have the raid from splintertree to darkshore we will be leaving crossroads at noon so please be a there b4 then all the time are based off the server time thank you


Meloff, Oct 8, 10 11:16 PM.
Hey folks!  The website is basically done!  Woohoo!  Of course, we will still be touching things up along the way.  Just as an FYI, all Eyes of the Demon members are encouraged to use this website as much as possible.  Thanks! 

Use this!

Meloff, Oct 7, 10 12:06 AM.
Welcome one and all!  Please feel free to use this section to post any exciting news you want to share!  Also, this is just a test run so this is not by ANY means a final version.  MORE TO COME FOLKS!  Enjoy for now! =D
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